Tax Audits Collection Due Process Hearings

Stop the IRS!

Aggressive Representation by a Former IRS Lawyer
IRS Tax Audits and Collection Disputes

If the IRS has announced an audit of your income tax return or threatened you with liens to collect taxes, Boelter & Associates can stand up to them. Our proactive involvement often averts a full-fledged IRS examination, avoids additional taxes, penalties and enforcement actions.

Targeted for Audit?
We represent individuals and closely-held businesses in IRS income tax audits, collection due process hearings and all tax controversies. Our Seattle, Washington firm serves King, Snohomish, Pierce and Island counties, and clients statewide and throughout the United States. Call (206) 587-0000 immediately to discuss your situation.

Ahead of the Game

Arthur H. Boelter formerly worked as both a revenue officer, a member of the Special Procedures Section, and a trial lawyer for the Internal Revenue Service. He knows the system, what triggers audits and how an auditor conducts investigations. Arthur H. Boelter reviews your records and prepares a defensible response to the "red flags" identified in the IRS audit notice. With over 35 years of experience in tax disputes, he can capably address all audit concerns:

  • Individual income tax (unreported income/overstated deductions)
  • Liability of owners of pass-through entities (S corporation or LLC)
  • Employee withholding taxes
  • Washington sales tax
  • Unfiled returns
  • Suspicious tax shelters

Our clients routinely emerge from the audit process without owing any additional income tax, or with a substantially reduced tax hit. We have also had great success in audit appeals.

Stop IRS Levies and Seizures

If the IRS has sent a Notice of Intent to Levy, you have a right to request a Collection Due Process Hearing to refute the validity of the assessment or dispute the amount of the tax obligation. It is also an opportunity to explore options for satisfying the tax in lieu of liens against business or personal assets.

Arthur H. Boelter is a skilled negotiator with extensive experience in lien and levy releases. We are often called upon to represent corporate officers facing a trust fund recovery penalty for alleged failure of the company to withhold and pay over employee taxes. We will challenge the amount of tax owed and fight IRS attempts to seize property or levy against assets. We also aim to suspend collections so that clients can position themselves for later payment, liquidation of assets, an offer in compromise, or discharge of taxes through bankruptcy.

Getting audited by the IRS is never welcome. But with Boelter & Associates on your side, you may come out of it unscathed. Contact us online or call (206) 587-0000.